Oh my god. I think I might die.
Tastes like Christmas.
I almost have mermaid hair.
Brownie likes to keep me company while I have a smoke.
I had a dream last night where every time I took a smoke out my pack it would fall apart. Again and again it would happen and eventual I just looked inside and I realized that they were all crumbled and broken.

  Needless to say the first thing I did when I woke up was check my smokes. I do not know why I always think dreams are real life. 

His palm over laps mine, nimble digits intertwining with my slim fingers. His rough thumb grazes the soft skin just above my knee. Leaving a trail of fire that devours and sets my body ablaze. He is muscle and skin elegantly stretched over a frail skeleton. Pulling me close, inhaling every inch of my freckled skin. Tilting my chin, and tasting the crook of my neck. Lips pressed roughly into mine, thoughts haze and hearts rush. His wicked touch blooms flowers made of wretched desire. In the darkness his searching hands ignite flutters in my stomach.    


All the feelings.

I’m just rebloging all the porn in the world, until I see that Fraser is on tumblr right now…