Idk why I keep getting sad over people that don’t give a shit about me.


i’ve never lived in a neighborhood where trick or treating was a thing after i was like- at an age that i wasn’t trick or treating myself.

so every year i get kind of disappointed because i’m like i REALLY want to decorate all out 200% but the fact of the matter is no one will ever see it and…

Anonymous asked:
I know you're probably going to reply to this with another "white people" that kind of makes me sad that you can't back up your own arguments but it does make me wonder if you understand the actual definition of racism - "prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior."It doesn't specify that you have to be a PoC at all in the context of world population whites are somewhat a minority at only 18% globally.



white people using the dictionary definition of racism to make themselves feel better.

white people stating that technically they’re the “minority” because somehow having less numbers than all PoC combined means they have less when in fact Asians and Middle Easterners are the only two who have a higher % at 31% and 25% respectively. 

because we all know how much more respected Middle Eastern are. and damn those Asians (because especially how Asian are one group of people) and their light skin, timid wives, and smart business men!

being #3 def means white people are in the minority.

you’re right.

white person, you sure have some great insight.

and /i/ cannot back up my arguments on racism. i have no right to. i am not an authority figure on racism. i have NO understanding of how it feels, or what it looks like to a PoC.

but i reblog lots of lovely posts from people who do~ and people who can tell you what it’s like~  and people who actually know about it~

instead of some white girl sitting in her mini mansion beach house not having to work at all and living in upper middle class who’s mommy just bought her a car and who’s daddy is taking her and her boyfriend to Orlando this fall.

this white girl knows nothing about racism.

this white girl is telling you to go read about racism from people who do.

to help you out on that… 

Racism exists when prejudice+power combine to form social constructs, legislation and widespread media bias that contribute to the oppression of the rights and liberties of a group of people. Racism is systemic, institutional, and far reaching. It is the prevalence of racism within social structures and institutional norms, along with implicit and explicit enforcement by members of a group, that allows racism to run rampant and unchecked. America is a country seeped in white privilege, and our social structure is built on colonization and forced slave labor that then turned into further systemic and ongoing oppression of PoC. […] Reverse racism isn’t real because we live in a culture that supports and enforces whiteness as the norm and PoC as other. If you experience discrimination, prejudice, or bigotry, it’s valid to be upset about it and want to talk about it. It is not valid to claim that it is reverse racism, and certainly not valid to claim that it is racism on par with anything like the institutionalized racism that PoC will come into contact with. […] Their white privilege leads them to believe that what they say both matters and needs to be heard and is important and the conversation should stop to focus on their perceived ills. You know what? When somebody is talking about racism they have experienced, that conversation is not all about you, nor should you expect it to be, so stop with the derailing and just listen and learn. When white people complain about experiencing reverse racism, what they’re really complaining about is losing out on or being denied their already existing privileges. And while it may feel bad to realize your privilege is crumbling and the things you’ve taken for granted can be taken away from you, it is unfair, untrue, and disingenuous to call that experience reverse racism.” 

AND FOLKS THIS IS WHY REVERSE RACISM TOWARDS WHITE PEOPLE CAN NOT, I REPEAT CAN NOT EXIST! This is specifically the case in America. While I have no idea how it works elsewhere because every country has a different history, there is a widespread influence of idealizing being White. Like how you posted ads of whitening creams, or how Hollywood for example have widespread control of disseminating the American ideals worldwide. 


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